Simplifying complex processes

May 23, 2017

Alperia Fiber, a company of Gruppo Alperia, operates the fibre optic network in South Tyrol and has digitalized the processes of installation and maintenance of the fibre optic access network. The digital transformation process undertaken with airpim – a team of experts in Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, Privacy and specializing in Identity Management – has allowed Alperia Fiber to redesign its processes in order to improve the User Experience of the fibre-optic installation technicians and create, in real time, an ‘IT database’ of the new generation FTTH (Fiber To The Home) which will contain more data as the infrastructure develops. The advantages will also benefit other companies in the Group, making new synergies possible.

Alperia Fiber has set itself several goals: 1. to provide the technicians who install cabling in buildings with a technological tool on their smartphones that is able to collect, manage and archive data regarding work being carried out on the network; 2. to digitalize the management of information in order to share data in real time both within the group and with the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and partners; 3. to record and localize every BEP (Building Entry Point) and OTO (Optical Termination Outlet) in the fibre-optic infrastructure. Alperia Fiber has also set itself the goal of endowing itself with an innovative tool that can also interact with AGCOM, the Communications Authority, and other external companies.

“Alperia Fiber’s goal was to find a tool that made recognizing what connects each single fibre of the thousands of fibres necessary to create a network easy and straightforward. This organic vision of the whole of the system enables, for example, the end users of our network to minimize time needed for activation and changing services or operators, and so greatly improving the quality of our service,” stated Sergio Marchiori, Alperia Fiber’s CEO. “At Alperia Fiber, we have found the digital culture, awareness and competence that have been able to comprehend a virtuous perspective of change in the path proposed. Together, we have created a solution that provides a collection and organized management that will in the future be enhanced by new value-added services. The system features an app, connected to our digital Identity Management platform, for data logging and the simplified access to information by multiple subjects,” explained Tiziano Tresanti, founder of the hi-tech company airpim. The data collection process is intuitive, rapid and accurate: once installation technicians have completed the work, aided by the Identity Management system, they apply a QR code to the socket which uniquely identifies that point and then, with a smartphone or tablet, they insert the geolocalized technical data of that point of installation. In this way, Alperia Fiber’s IT systems will be able to receive a flow of data in real time. The solution offers significant benefits: 1) the optimization of the processes of installation, maintenance and supply of services by the installers, thanks to the immediate accessibility of information, updated at every intervention; 2) checking of installers’ activity throughout the territory by Alperia and simplified access to information, such as localization of BEP and OTO, records of the work carried out by installers, information files about all OTOs and BEPs and photographs, which allow the evaluation of the state of the infrastructure in real time; 3) Simplification of the work carried out by installers who can record their interventions digitally and immediately access the records of the past operations carried out on each OTO/BEP.

“This is an excellent example of how digitalisation can make complex jobs simpler and better; the management of the network and reduce service delivery times - all positive elements from which our final customer gains benefits,” concluded Alperia Fiber’s CEO, Sergio Marchiori.

Who Alperia Fiber is
Alperia Fiber operates the ultra wideband network throughout South Tyrol and allows companies and individuals to use ultrafast data and internet connections. Alperia Fiber is a special-purpose entity controlled by Alperia, the provider of reference for energy services in South Tyrol and one of the most important Italian companies in the green energy sector. Alperia produces energy from renewable sources, operates the power grid and manages district heating systems, as well as being active in the sale of energy itself. It is also specialised in the development of innovative technology solutions for the energy sector with the objective of creating a future where energy is digital and intelligent.

Who airpim is
airpim is a hi-tech company that has developed an Identity Management platform that enables companies to collect and analyse data in accordance with privacy regulations. airpim is a neutral technology enabler. The companies are always the owners of the data collected. People decide with whom to share their data and have the right to revoke the authorization to process their personal data. airpim provides their customers in a number of sectors with the right digital tools to understand their clientele better (customers, suppliers, partners, employees) and to valorise it over time. airpim is an award-winning innovative SME – ranked as the best in Trentino South Tyrol – and has been registered in the special section of the chamber of commerce of Trento since 1st March 2016. airpim’s know-how is the result of years of research and development. Their technology is patented in Italy and in the USA. The company has received numerous prizes and awards: Best Practice Award in 2013, Interregional Award ‘Città Impresa’ in 2012 and Red Herring Top 100 Europe in 2011.

Caption (from left to right): Sergio Marchiori (Alperia Fiber), Riccardo Liso (Alperia Fiber), Tiziano Tresanti (airpim) and Danilo Pederiva (Alperia Fiber).