Cantine Lenotti’s talking wines

July 12, 2017

Digital Product Traceability and promotion of customer loyalty
airpim, a company specializing in Identity Management Services, has provided Cantine Lenotti with the right digital instruments to enable them to protect their products, give themselves a voice and maximize opportunities to interact with their customers. By placing specific QR codes, a different one for every product, on the back label of every bottle, which the consumer can scan with their smartphone, Lenotti can track the location of their wines in real time. From that moment on, they can find out more about the consumer and establish direct communication with them.
Product traceability, based on technology that has been developed and patented by airpim, now allows Lenotti to activate simple and automated data collection directly from the market which is updated in real time: a system that fully complies with privacy regulations and provides information from outside the company. By doing this, Lenotti can build a profile of their customers, keep them updated about new products, inform them about special vintages, invite them to wine-tastings and visits to their wine cellars in Bardolino on Lake Garda, and even engage them in events organized by the “Lenotti & friends” online club. In addition to this, they can send discount coupons, promotions and offers that are tailored to the customer’s preferences and not just sent out on block, thus enabling them to treat each and every customer in a different way, based on their profile.

When the customer scans the QR code they are taken to the page associated with the product where they can view the characteristics of the wine, find out more about the production methods, access technical information, rate the product and information and, for those who are members of the club, discover which traditional dishes and recipes from the Veneto region are best accompanied by the wine they have chosen.

The solution is directly connected to airpim’s digital platform, which is configured according to the requests Cantine Lenotti have made. Through a simple control panel on the computer, Lenotti gain the enormous advantage of being able to: a) understand, in real time, which wines are generating the most interest in which countries all around the world (geolocalization of the scanning); b) manage the members of the club (catalogued by name, surname, age, contacts and place of residence); c) send personalized messages to each of them, thanks to the data collected, and monitor their actions. Profiling and one-to-one marketing allow Lenotti to gain a detailed understanding of their consumers and consequently adopt strategies to enhance their loyalty as well as optimize internal processes to glean insights about how to further improve their products.

“It’s an evolution that every company that produces consumer products must deal with. In the wine sector, in particular, there’s a demand for information, details and stories by those consuming wine which only the producer can provide, and, on the other side, the producers themselves need to understand those who actually consume their products and contact them using marketing actions. Being able to reach them with digital tools allows the company, with accessible costs, to be the direct protagonist in the fundamental process of enhancing customer loyalty”, says Claudio Lenotti, company owner and head of international sales.

“The data collected are a precious asset to the company. We are a neutral technological enabler: our mission is that of providing companies with the right innovative tools to collect data while fully complying with privacy regulations, capitalizing on time and identifying the best business and/or marketing strategy. Customers expect a shopping experience that coordinates online and offline channels,” explains Tiziano Tresanti, founder and CEO of the innovative SME, airpim.

Photographs (from left to right): Claudio Lenotti, owner of Cantine Lenotti and head of international sales, Tiziano Tresanti, founder and CEO of airpim