airpim is hiring innovators

The speed of innovation is digital, and keeping up is a fundamental challenge for any company: the Internet of things, big data, deep analytics, spread of networks and mobile devices are imposing an inevitable transformation. Disrupt or be disrupted.

We select talents with excellent command of Italian and English, with skills computer (coding, big data, metrics and analytics, software architectures, mobile application development, open source, security, API), in mathematics and statistics(predictive models, machine learning), and in user experience.

We are looking for people determined to contribute to the creation of value to be transferred to the market, with the capacity of make theirs own the principles we are inspired by.

Principles we are inspired by


Security and privacy to be always protected, transparency as a value, never stop learning


Mobile first, open source as a best practise, data at the base of everything and A.I. to go further


Simplify always whenever it's possible, quickly generate value for companies, use project models at the state of the art

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