About us

Our story

It all started from the idea of the founding members of the company: “we need to develop a system to facilitate relationships and maintain them over time.”
The name airpim comes from the union of the English word ‘air’, which brings to mind something as light and simple as the dematerialization of data, and ‘pim’, that is, the acronym of Personal Identity Management, a type of software that is capable of managing personal data.
The heart of the technology developed at airpim is a patent for industrial invention granted in Italy in November 2012 (No. 0001396340, with priority given from 20/10/2009) and subsequently extended in the United States of America (No. WO2011048619A1).

Mission (identity management)

Our unique team of technology innovation experts offers digital transformation and evolution tools (Industry 4.0) based on the Identity Management platform patented by airpim. Using our expertise in BIG DATA, IoT and PRIVACY, we have set ourselves the goal of reducing the gap between the volume of acquirable data and usable data.


2016 - 1st PMI Innovativa del Trentino Alto Adige
2013 - Best Practice awards
2012 - Interregional award “Città Impresa”
2011 - Red Herring Top 100 Europe