Technological tools to add value to your business

airpim Identity Management

airpim is a hi-tech company specializing in Identity Management that guides companies in their digital transformation process towards Industry 4.0, working on the whole production process in order to identify the criteria regarding integration and standardization of processes, thus giving greater efficiency, flexibility and speed.

Identity Management

airpim creates personalized digital business tools thanks to years of experience and the know-how of its team of developers and consultants with expertise in Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Privacy. airpim helps entrepreneurs and managers evolve their businesses thanks to cutting edge technology capable of generating process innovation and automation quickly, bringing valuable information from outside the company and reducing the gap between the volume of acquirable data and usable data.

The personalized digital tools we have already created include:

Traceability and anticounterfeiting

Systems for the geolocation and verification of the authenticity of the product, through the application of specific tags.

Understanding the customer

Consumer engagement solutions to collect customer feedback and develop one-to-one marketing strategies.

Industrial applications

Internet of things technologies for the automated collection of data using interconnected sensors in the operational environment.