The fourth industrial revolution is right now

The paradigm shift that changes everything

It is the fusion of these technologies and their interaction across the various domains - physical, digital and biological - that makes the fourth industrial revolution radically different from the previous ones.

Sustainable innovation

The technologies of the future, now. The engine of a competitive business

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Cloud, software, app, services: your digital business, as big as the internet is

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4.0 Full custom

Ultra advanced digital services designed on your own company policy

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Faster, safer, simpler. Identity Management solutions evolves and innovates your digital ecosystem

The digitalized production

The whole physical reality of your business is split into a digital twin that gives you access to the management power of 4.0. People, things, processes ...

Your business splits into a digital twin. People, things, processes, products, information flows: thanks to sensors, wifi and cloud, the physical reality of your business is transformed into data. That you can manage, all of them, in real time. That's why Industry 4.0 changes everything

  • integrated digital distribution of work orders with the necessary information in / out (reporting)
  • integration / automation of data collection with existing information systems, Industry 4.0 / plc machinery
  • control dashboard for summary data / reports, scheduling of orders / resources

Agricultural and food traceability

You can defend territorial excellence and protect producers and consumers: by tracing the entire supply chain with all the security of the airpim platform or the blockchain

In the agri-food sector, not only consumer protection is at stake, but also that of producers: fraud is multiplying and too many territorial excellences are at risk. The solution? Make the entire supply chain traceable with all the security of the airpim platform or blockchain

  • integration of existing data sources and / or upgrade to integrated IT procedures
  • data collection from people in mobility and / or from connected intelligent objects (IoT)
  • unique tag and / or for each reference for real-time control of food quality / safety

human resources management in mobility

There is no longer an 'outside' of your company: resources, means, operations, communications are always 'inside' the shared dashboard

Specifically dedicated to service companies, which manage a continuously moving workforce. Digitizing means better planning, communicating everything in real time and eliminating waste

  • communication on the go about activities / tasks / works that team have to carry out
  • traceability and recording of the operations carried out by the staff for a given job
  • Dashboard to manage the integrated communication in information systems

The point of sales renews itself

User experience, relationships and business intelligence to satisfy consumers who are more aware but also more distracted and demanding

Today's buying processes didn't even exist just 5 years ago. Companies are aimed at consumers who are more accustomed and aware of social, but also more distracted and more demanding. Digital allows new levels of user experience, relationships and business intelligence.

  • centralized organic collection of consumers b2c data according to EU GDPR compliance
  • registration of passages by point of sale with collection of expense data and motivation of the passage / campaign
  • one2one /customized system for communication direct to single consumer (push and pull)

Integrated information systems

Separated communication flows find a center: terminals, devices, networks. An efficient and secure shared global database

Too many separate communication flows finally find a center: terminals, devices, network. A single and shared database to manage all channels, digital and physical, in a faster, more efficient and safer way

  • multichannel information distribution system integrated in the application context (web, smartphone, maxi screens, machinery panels, ...)
  • access control and access authorization to information, applications and physical places
  • recording of authorized and /or prohibited interactions

Augmented products and VAS

An increasingly important part of the products cannot be touched by hand: digital conveys the added value that makes the difference

A 'simple' product has at least three levels, and only one is physical. The digital one is the most promising, because it transfers more value to the customer and at the same time more feedback to your company, which can thus further improve performance

  • integration of a data collection and communication system in the consumer product or in a complex machine
  • management and coordination of the data collected according to regulations and personalization towards customers
  • extension of product functionality thanks to user interaction with value-added services

Tecnology 4.0

Data collected, managed and protected in safety. The road to an infinite number of application fields starts from here


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