airpim is the hi-tech company specializing in Identity Management that helps organizations create, manage and protect digital and non-digital data of people and things

What is Identity Management

Identity Management is the heart of the fourth industrial revolution, which combines the computerized automation processes of industry 3.0 with the disruptive possibilities introduced by technology 4.0: big data and analytics, cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, internet of things, cyber-physical systems. This is an epochal change, which does not leave any sector unchanged

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Why to choose airpim?

True design is the way a thing works, and easy is better (and more difficult to do). airpim designs highly sophisticated but easy to use Identity Management solutions, which it implements with Agile methodology: early and well, without down time. Miracles of 4.0 combined with vertical expertise capable of making it work

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Privacy and security are rights

Let's take back our privacy. The airpim Identity Management ecosystems are safe and return control and data management to its owner's hand. All airpim solutions respect the EU GDPR and guarantee total protection of the digital tracks of companies and their customers

Open Innovation

Working on Open Innovation means networking with the most appropriate partners every time there is a project to implement, sharing vertical expertise and resources in order to grow together. A network increases and accelerates innovation as a company alone could not do. It is our creed, and if you are the manager of a company with an 'open mind' and a vision, we are very interested in getting in touch with you

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